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If you’re looking for tips or tricks to tune your slotcars, how to make new decals or something else regarding slotrace, this is the place to go.
Here you can read some fine articles about anything that has to do with slotrace.
Another passion of mine is boardgames which include motorsport and wargames.
Le Mans
Welcome to Slotrace.dk
Hi, my name is René Christensen and you have tuned in on my web site about my 1:32 slotcar collection.
I re-lived a childhood dream back in 1999 when I bought a Scalextric Formula One set, soon joined a local club and learned a lot about the fantastic hobby, participated in the Euro Scale Ligaen, raced in different endurance races such as Le Mans 1970 Rebirth, some 4 Hrs and 8 Hrs races and a 24 Hrs race, raced in the Danish Le Mans Series and held my own races at Copenhagen City Hall - all this in just a few years.
Now I’m settled with just collecting Formula One slotcars, Le Mans slotcars and a lot of other stuff that you need around a racetrack in hope of soon get room for my own track. But all of this you can find on this web site.
Tips and Tricks
Race Reports
Formula One
Different Hobby
Here you can read some fine articles about races I’ve been at and watch the pictures I’ve taken.
I’ve taken up drums again after more than 30 years.
Read about which band I play in and what will come of it!
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