Different Sound

This is the section where you can follow my new musical career that has been on standby for more than 30 years!

Back in the early 80’s I played drums in bands like Selection (our own music and covers), Fire Speed (covers) and Sahara (our own music). We did five major gigs and was the final band at a 2-day festival !

Sadly my drum kit was stolen and it should take me more than 30 years to buy a new digital kit - after a lot of pressure from the family. And let me tell you right away, it is NOT like riding a bike again - it is hard work to get arms and legs back into sync!!!


I started a band called Beached Whales with some friends, bought a new

drumkit with double bassdrums and a lot of cymbals, but stopped after a year

due to difficulties working with the bass player.


So now I only play with Selection and my drumkit today is the Alesis DM10.

Lately I’ve got in contact with one of the guys from FireSpeed and it looks

like we will be doing some music together.


Back to start

Selection has decided to use 2013 to record a lot of our own songs.

Until The Day

Friend To Pain

In My Arms

Love Around The Corner

She Makes Me Feel

Girl In The Shower


Hot As Fire


You Looking At Me

Life Is A Gift

Ku' Det Mon Være

Julen Er En Hyggetid 2013

Knights In Black Armor

I'm Leaving You

Gone For Good


.........and more to come