Race Reports

This is the section where you can read articles about races I  have attended.

I won’t go into details about races in series, but only tell you about races that took at least 4 hours. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the races.


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Team Gulf - Lars and I - attended the famous Le Mans 1970 Rebirth races at the notorious Tap Circuit near Kolding.

We always drove #20 Gulf Porsche 917K, so obviously we had to have the jackets too.

2003 - Rally at Copenhagen City Hall - in Danish


2004 - 4 Hours Le Mans at Copenhagen City Hall - in Danish


2004-2007 - Le Mans 1970 Rebirth #1-#5


2005 - 24 Hours Race in Fields - in Danish


2009 - 2 Hours Race in Havdrup - in Danish


2009 - 12 Hours Race in Hojby - in Danish


2009 - 8 Hours Race in Olstykke - in Danish