Le Mans 2004

For the first time I went to see Le Mans in 2004 and what a blast it was. Four guys - Michael, Martin, Jan and me - in one car took off, spent one night in Germany and on to Le Mans next morning after a short visit at Michael Schumacher’s Gokart Center. In the last round-about before Le Mans we met our friends - Vest and Klaus - that had left Denmark later than us. We camped near Tertre Rouge the second night before we could find our real camp for the week.

We saw the drivers and the cars at scruteneering in the town Le Mans Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday we went pit walking and saw the first practice. Thursday we watched the last practice, Friday we watched the drivers parade in the town and in the weekend we saw the 24 Hrs race. Monday morning we drove home in one take!

This is the pictures I took during my first visit at Le Mans.

1:1 Racing

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