Le Mans 1989 was the year with manufactures such as Mercedes, Nissan, Jagaur, Porsche, Toyota, Mazda and Aston Martin - it was time to settle the score!

Having run his cars at Le Mans for a decade, Peter Sauber was aided by Mercedes in winning the 1989 race.  His "Silver Arrows" Sauber C9s finished 1st, 2nd and 5th, with a Porsche and a Jaguar finishing behind. By this time there has only been made 6 (!) cars from this race - the three Sauber Mercedes C9s and three Porsche 962s - all by Slot.it. But with paint and decals you could get a lot more cars from this race, which I intend to collect. 30 cars out of 55 participants - some are made and some can be made from Slot.it white kits - by the help of Milan Tomasek and Stephen Donelly and some I just hope will be manufactured in the future.




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