Different Hobby

This is the section where you can read about a different hobby of mine - boardgames.

Mostly I play boardgames with a theme of wargames or motorsport, but I  have also tried many other boardgames.

It all started back in 1987 when I bought ‘Storm over Arnhem’ and later formed the R.I.S.K. club together with friends from work and we still - after 26 years - meet occasionally and play boardgames.

Wargames like ‘Axis & Allies’, ‘Storm over Arnhem’, ‘Memoir ‘44’, ‘Blue Max’, ‘B-17: Queen of the Skies’ or sport games like ‘Rallyman’, ‘Formula Dé’, ‘World Cycling Game’, ‘Speed Circuit’, ‘Grand National’ and ‘Real Action Stockcar Championship’, ‘Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles’ are just some of the many games, we have played through the years.

At the moment I prefer to play either Real Action Stockcar Championship (gallery) or Das Motorsportspiel (gallery)


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The video to the left shows a play of Memoir ‘44 which is is just one of many board-games I prefer to play. You can find more details of the boardgames at BoardGame-Geek.com  - just click on the icon!

Mie, Mikkel, Simon and I tried to qualify for the final in the World Cycling Game Danish Championship 2010 and Mie and Mikkel went through to the final. Click at the picture below to get to the story - in Danish - about how the final went. The final was shown in Danish TV during a stage of Tour de France 2010.

The games we have been playing lately


Real Action Stockcar Championship (gallery) (table)


Das Motorsportspiel (gallery) (racereports) (table)